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    Putting the patient first by connecting individuals to their care teams for continuous care planning, tracking, and support across the circle of care


    Mozzaz Care connects providers with individuals where they can securely collaborate and share data that can be accessed
    anywhere, anytime.

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    How Mozzaz Care is Helping

    speech language


    SLP’s need to manage multiple client’s care plans effectively and efficiently. This is done by monitoring support plans with visual schedules and routines through the Mozzaz Care scheduling feature with data tracking to monitor progress. Each client can be assessed and monitored through the Mozzaz Portal through whichever technology platform the SLP prefers.


    home care


    Home care support workers can create care plans for their clients through Mozzaz Care. These plans include schedules and tasks for daily living, including reminders and task-based instructions with visuals. As the individual completes an activity, the support worker is automatically notified of the activity’s progress. Data is always tracked and the care plan management is effectively managed.


    elderly woman


    We seek to help informal caregivers such as family members keep their loved ones at home and living independently. Whether you live 2 minutes away, or two hours away, you will be able to track your mother or father’s progress with daily livings tasks such as medication management or hygiene routines.